08/03/2022 News

The International Union of Architects strongly condemns the invasion of a sovereign nation, Ukraine by Russia. We further condemn the inequities that emerge from war including racial prejudices at border crossings, loss of homes of many innocent people and most importantly, the loss of life. We implore the Government of Russia to bring an immediate cessation of this war.  

Standing with 3.5 million architects from 115 countries, the UIA expresses solidarity with all those suffering from the conflict. The continuing loss of life in Ukraine must stop.

Baku International Architecture Prize - 5th Edition

11/02/2021 News

This biennial award, open to qualified architects everywhere and endorsed by the UIA since 2013, seeks to recognize architectural diversity and to encourage new ideas and research, new realisations and exemplary new implementations of urban planning and architectural projects globally.
Participants from 38 countries entered the 2019 edition of the Award and the international jury recognised winners from 18 countries: South Africa, Egypt, China, Georgia, Japan, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Iran, Slovakia, Portugal, Malaysia, Spain, Argentina, UAE, Greece, Hong Kong, Denmark, Bangladesh.