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We are very pleased to announce the second Fall Symposium Building Beyond Borders - Reflecting on the agency of architecture for regenerative and distributive solutions, for the Global North and the Global South, that will take place in Hasselt, Belgium on 17-18 November 2022.

As a response to the extractive and exploitative character of the building sector, many universities and architectural practices in the Global North and the Global South have started to investigate other ways of designing and building that create a positive impact on both social and ecological level by searching for regenerative and distributive solutions (cfr. concept of Doughnut economics). Examples are universities or Schools of Architecture that set up design studios and design & build projects in their own country or abroad to realize projects with locally harvested or regenerative materials, often in co-creation and collaboration with local communities (cfr. Postgraduate Building Beyond Borders). Also many architectural practices have been exploring new ways of designing and building that challenge both the traditional materiality and the traditional client-architect relation. This way, architectural schools and architectural practices try to become agents of change.
In the successful first edition of Fall Symposium 2020 Building Beyond Borders, we reflected with more than 100 participants from over 30 countries on the dynamisms of cross-border collaboration in build projects. You can find the outcome of these reflections here.

In the second edition, we would like to set up a broad conversation and reflection on the topic of the agency of architecture in creating changes towards more regenerative and distributive solutions and approaches in the building sector, both in the Global North and the Global South.
We invite academics, practitioners, students, NGO’s, community members, …from all over the world to contribute to this conversation, through an active contribution by means of a presentation or lecture or by attending the symposium and participating in the discussions that will be organized.
Two keynote speakers, one from academics and one from architectural practice, who have extensive expertise in this domain will highlight different perspectives on the topic of regenerative and distributive design and build in different contexts.
For those who want to attend the conference, but want to avoid excessive environmental impact by taking a plane, are not in the ability to leave their country or have limited financial means, we offer the option to participate in the Fall Symposium in a remote way, both for active contributions and for attendees of the Symposium.

More information on the type of contributions and the Symposium's themes can be found on the website and in the Call for Abstracts (see attachment).
Deadline for abstract submission (300 words) is 15 June 2022 (abstract submission form).

Don't hesitate to distribute this call for abstracts within your network.

We look forward to receiving your contribution and meeting you at the 2nd Fall Symposium!

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